Mesuring devices : Alptec Network Analysers




Analyze your electricity networks to measure the quality of your energy!

Alptec 2444 and Alptec 2333 network analysers are used for a real-time, simultaneous monitoring of all electrical parameters:
- Dips, overvoltages and interruptions
- Flicker
- Waveforms recorded on events
- Active, reactive and apparent powers
- Power factors, tangents and peak factors
- Static rsm measurements
- 51 harmonic orders

Power Quality analysers

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>Winalp 2400 software 

For downloading, storing and comparing data from the whole range of Alptec current quality analysers, so that the data can then be analysed and reports printed out.

This software is compatible with:

- Windows Xp
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7

- Windows Vista
- Windows 7