Active filters : harmonics mitigation, compensation, load balancing

Our products (capacitor banks and harmonic filters) will help you improve the quality of your power supply


The active filter continuously generates a compensating current for the harmonic mitigation.
This eliminates harmonic distortions and re-establishes a linear current waveform. With a response time of less than 300μs, the active filter improves the quality of the mains electricity supply in real time and thus limits potential damage in the production chain. An active filter signifi cantly reduces current harmonics. It also rectifies and compensates the reactive power.

Installation principle

When connected in parallel on the mains supply, an active filter offers several advantages

  • - Reduced wear, and consequently longer service life, due to its capacity to limit temperature rises and vibrations
  • - Optimum maintenance thanks to ease of servicing
  • - Fulfillment of contractual obligations with energy suppliers in terms of consumption
  • - Interference-free, rectified power supply.

The range


  • - Banks and data centres
  • - Logistics platforms, warehouses
  • - Theme parks
  • - Road tunnels
  • - Supermarkets
  • - Steel industry
  • - Oil and gas exploration
  • - Wastewater treatment