Characteristics of alpimatic range



Specific characteristics

- fully modular design for easy extension and maintenance
- power factor controller with simplified commissioning
- extendable cabinet on request
- cables entry via the bottom or the top (on request)

Electrical characteristics

- insulation class: 0.66 kv (tested at 2.5 kv, 50 hz for one minute)
- built-in power supply for auxiliary circuits
- integrated connector block for load shelding contact
- possible remote alarm feedback


- protective circuit breaker fitted - wired
- ffixed step
- summing current transformer



the following is required: :

power cables in accordance with the table
a current transformer to be positioned on phase l1 of the installation upstream all the receivers and the capacitor bank.
- primary : according to the installation
- secondary : 5a
- power : 10 va - class 1



Note : this transformer can be supplied separately on request

Alpimatic automatic capacitor banks