Electrical network audit

The service energy quality measurement:
Winning solution of a electricity network management !



Electrical network audit

Your mains supplies are subject to interference from numerous electrical phenomena ?

A simple one-off check is no longer enough to give you a true image of your installation.
The Alpes Technologies audit provides you with an analysis of the behaviour of your mains supply over one week.

In addition, you spare time :
We take readings from the analyser installed in your company via a GSM modem.

Our experts provide you with a report clearly setting out the essential phenomena of your electrical installation.

Are oncluded in this report :

- A global balance sheet
- Curves commented
- Theoritical reminders 

Your interests

The audit that is performed :
- Shows up faults on the mains supply
- Enables the reactive energy compensation to be sized
- Provides guidances on the selection of energy supply solutions

Go back to an efficient electrical network to save energy, avoid manufacturing interruptions or optimise your installation.

Do not hesitate to ask for an analysis of your network. Apes Technologies has a team of experts to answer your needs!