Medium voltage range capacitor banks





A capacitor bank is generally composed of several single-phase or three-phase unit capacitors assembled and interconnected to produce high power assemblies called "capacitor banks".

Medium voltage capacitors are composed of elementary or partial capacitors, generally connected in several series-parallel groups, providing, the required electrical characteristics for the unit.

Alpes Technologies is there to advise you in the choice of capacitors and capacitors banks as well as the choice of the right operating and protection devices.

Medium voltage capacitor banks

Alpes technologies designs and manufactures different types of capacitor bank defined by :
- The total reactive power to be installed
- The nominal dupply voltage
- The electrical requirements : presence of harmonics, Automatic capacitor banks with power factor
- The installation : indoor or outdoor
- Operator safety :
IP 00 open rack
IP 21 - IK 05 cublicle
IP 23 - IK 05 cubicle

Wiring capacitor banks

Built-in protection devices

Racks and cubicles for capacitor banks


Our accessories range :
- Quick discharge reactors
- Damping reactors
- Detuned reactors
- Contactors

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