Comparison criteria


Comparison criteria Banks with electromechanical contactors
Sensitive data ALPISTATIC Conventional system
Presence of electromechanical contactors No Yes
Wear of moving parts No Yes
Contact bounce phenomenon No Possible
Contact fatigue None Hight
Transient overcurrents on activation and desactivation of steps No Yes
(may exceed 200 ln)
Trasient overvoltages None Yes
(up to 100%)
Compatibility (PLCs, computer equipment, etc.) Excellent Average
Compatibility (welding machines, generator sets, etc.) Excellent Poor
Activation and desactivation response time 40 milliseconds max. Approx. 30 seconds
Number of operations Unlimited limited (electromechanical contactor)
Sound level during operation None low (electromechanical contactor)
Reduction of FLICKER Yes (for highly inductive loads) No
Creation of harmonics No No